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I've learned that this world is big enough for all of us to succeed and the only people that we should ever be competing against is ourselves." — Zoë's graduation speech in #KThx Bye Rasha Zuabi (Girlfriend) Winston Chu (Ex-Boyfriend) Grace Cardinal (Kissed, Hook-Up, Former Attraction) Zig Novak (Kissed, Hook-Up, Former Attraction)Esme Song (Kissed)Drew Torres (Ex-Boyfriend) Miles Hollingsworth III (Ex-Boyfriend) Unnamed Ex-Boyfriends Zoë Rivas is a graduate of Degrassi Community School and valedictorian of the Class of 2017. She is a former television star best known for her role as Gatsby Garcia on West Drive before her character was killed off following getting herself fired because she was a drug addict.

Intent on a fresh start, Zoë was nervous on learning to be a normal teenage girl, using her looks, body, and money to get what she wanted (a trick she learned from her overbearing stage-mom).

Zoë was disliked by Clare Edwards and Alli Bhandari. She invites him to attend a concert with her, which Maya accidentally invites herself on as well.

She is next seen with Maya and Tristan going to the concert, assuring the bouncer that Tristan and Maya are with her.

However, Maya is rejected from entering when the bouncer assumes she is thirteen instead of the entrance age of at least fourteen.

Maya asks her for help, but Zoë just ignores her and goes on inside with Tristan.

David is transported to the cut-throat world of fashion.

Olivia, an up-and-coming fashion designer who gets the opportunity of a lifetime to work for icon Salma Barrie. See full summary » Like most sitcoms, it takes some time to eventually get into it.

She struggles through the situation as her boyfriend teaches her sign language to help her cope with silence she is now surrounded by.It is beginning to come together and for this reason, I have given it an 8.