Sex ed online

06-Oct-2017 10:53

Uh, JK about that "sexual awakening" thing, though. We'll cover everything from discrimination in the LGBTQ community to how to prevent yourself from itching in places you don't want to be itching.

We'll talk about what makes something illicit or taboo, and how the definition of "sex" is ever-evolving. We'll start off Sex Ed with a modest-but-informative unit about puberty.

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We’ll talk about how and why people use sex and sexuality as a means of control, manipulation, and even warfare.

Unit 4 covers how to stay STI free, the risks of becoming sexually active, and the kinds of treatment people with STIs undergo.

Most importantly, we'll debunk a bunch of myths surrounding STIs and the people who have them, and point out that STIs can happen to Shmoop's pretty stoked to dedicate all of Unit 5 to pregnancy and baby-havin' in general.

We'll talk about the scientific facts surrounding pregnancy, and what it's like for women who get pregnant.

But we'll also talk about how to get pregnant, and give pointers about the most foolproof methods of staying baby-free.We'll even talk about how strangers on the internet might try to use people's sexualities, sex lives, and sultry selfies against them.

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