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Garrison to give up Christianity and become an atheist like him. Garrison's 'assertion' combined would apparently lead to the world becoming atheists. Garrison explored her sexuality some more after mistakenly going into a Lesbian Bar and ending up having sex with a woman named Allison.

Their relationship ends though when Eric Cartman reveals that Ms. She took to her new sexuality quickly, defending Lesbian rights and Les Bos, the bar where she became gay again. ", after watching the famous show of Oprah about Thomas Beatie, she realizes that the sex change operation was a big mistake.

He then starts a movement to "fuck 'em all to death" and to build a wall separating the countries; only to find that the Canadian President has already built a wall to keep out the Americans. This relationship was formed in "Go God Go" when Richard asks her on a date, He also successfully "converted" her to Atheism though this was probably just said because she was afraid to lose the first man who has found her attractive, in the future they get married and rid the world of religion, however thanks to Eric Cartman who uses the time phone in "Go God Go XII" to contact Mr. " and officially made her a lesbian, it is unclear if they were dating or just friends with benefits, however after the events of the episode it may be clear that they never spoke again.

He sneaks into Canada, and literally fucks the Canadian president to death, which results in mass reverse-immigration's. In "Sponsored Content" at the Debate, he suggests fucking all the Syrian Refugees to death, believing they are all ISIS soldiers. Garrison is forced by Eric Cartman and his hand-turned-con-artist-puppet Mitch Conner to pull Mr. Garrison he reveals to Richard the truth about the sex change operation and doing so proceeds Richard to break up with her and runs out of the house in disgust.

Garrison received a degree of mechanical engineering in college.

Garrison realized she was not actually a woman, but it was too late to have the operation undone and she accepted what she was. He expected the two to break the egg, thus proving gay couples were irresponsible and could not take care of a child.

Garrison he got sent to the camp himself, along with Mr.

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