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I told she is right but it would be one she would never think it was.

As she opened it and seen the cover she had a look of aww on her face.

I jot down an idea of what I want in the pages and if LB doesn't have a preset page (of which they have plenty) then I get the joy of being able to build and personalize my own (characters, pages, settings, you name it).

Overall the experience of "making your gift" is taken to a completely new level with this service.

He "couldn't believe I was so My husband and I were high school sweethearts. Recipient This was the best gift I’ve ever given my husband thus far!!

We went our separate ways after graduation, married, had children, divorced our spouses and meet up again 12 years later. He loved every little detail and thought I put into this book.

She absolutely loved the personal story we created about all of us (including our dog).He opened this gift and couldn’t believe that it was made for him!!