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16-Nov-2017 04:19

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Sometimes this abnormal growth becomes larger and advances onto the cornea. It typically results from a lifetime of sun exposure and can be located on the temporal or nasal side of the cornea.In such a case, it may require surgical removal if it becomes bothersome or affects the vision. Sometimes this area can be a little irritating and we recommend the use of artificial tears. This is an acute infection of an eyelash follicle in the eyelid margin. Warm compresses up to four times a day and wait for it to clear up.Another clue that your child may have amblyopia is if he or she cries or fusses when you cover one eye.This may suggest that the eye you have covered is the good eye, and that the uncovered eye is amblyopic, causing blurred vision.

Fezza, our “eyelid” plastic surgeon, who will decide if surgery is necessary.

We specialize in fitting patients with hard-to-fit contacts, Ortho-K contacts and Toric contact lenses for astigmatism.

We can order any custom prescription contact lens available on the market today.

There are many types of contact lenses available, with different materials (soft and rigid), bifocals, color and a variety of replacement schedules as well.

Your optometric physician will suggest the best lens design and material for you.Tear film evaluation: The eye’s moisture content is evaluated through use of a small strip of paper inserted underneath the lower eyelid.

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